Global Superstore

Profits in the U.S.

The graph above displays profits by state. As indicated, the highest profit states include California and New York. Among the lower profiting states are Texas, Iowa, Ohia, etc.

Profits in California

As mentioned above, California is among the highest profiting states. The overall trend over the past few years has been an increase in profits. Profits tend to drop in the fourth quarter, but typically rise throughout the other 3 quarters.

Profits by Category in California

We can learn more about our profits in California by examining profits by category. Office Supplies clearly is the most profitable category. Technology is still relatively profitable, but furniture is a less profitable category.

Profit Forecast through November 2015

Based on the trends of the past few years we can predict with 95% confidence the next year of profits. We predict to see the typical drop-off in the fourth quarter, and then a general increase. We will likely see some slight drop-offs in profits, but none as significant as a quarter 4 drop-off.

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